Download turbotax with product key: Activate Turbotax

Turbotax software helps taxpayers to prepare tax returns to get maximum amount back as refunds. You can visit turbotax official site and download turbotax with product key. This opens up different ways to file tax returns, such as ‘file taxes on your own’, ‘get it done by experts help’ or ‘get it done for you by experts’.


Besides, you get suggestion to select turbotax product based on the answers you give as per your tax needs. Just check the boxes which fulfil your tax situation, then it will get you the suitable product. You can easily change information you entered on returns you filed. Resolve doubts and manage taxes online.


What is Turbotax product key?

When you install turbotax you require a code to start it. This is a code of 16 characters, consisting combination of alphabets & numbers, is known as Product Key. It allows you to proceed turbotax after you purchase Turbotax CD/Download. It is given to user by email, if user has purchased it software online. But you get it on packaging material or on CD envelope, if purchased turbotax CD. You may receive product key in order history.

Download Turbotax with product key : How to do it?

  1. To start turbotax download Turbotax with product key, firstly sign-up on it.
  2. Then, click on ‘Downloads’ tab, on your turbotax account.
  3. Proceed, and select turbotax version that you required.
  4. Nextly, save the file on particular location on PC.

How to install and activate Turbotax with product key?

Refer the given ways to get turbotax installation with product key after you sign-in:

Via Downloaded file

  1. First of all,to download turbotax with product key search the downloaded file on the locus you saved it.
  2. After you get it, double-click file you downloaded.
  3. Further, this launches installer.
  4. Afterwards installation finishes, then Launch TurboTax.

Via Turbotax CD

  1. Start by inserting TurboTax CD into computer drive.
  2. Thereafter, press Windows+R and open Run window.
  3. Then, choose ‘Browse’, to proceed.
  4. Search your CD N CD/DVD/RW drive.

Activate Turbotax software:

  1. After installing turbotax, you can start your tax return, just activate it.
  2. You will land to screen ‘Your product is installed’ after turbotax installation.
  3. Nextly, choose ‘let’s activate it’.
  4. This will open a box to put in license code. Then enter license code in it.
  5. Lastly, tap ‘Continue’, and finish turbotax installation.